Thursday, 28 May 2020

Dear Customers,

Firstly, we would like to thank you all for your ongoing support and patience during COVID-19, we are aware that the new store changes we have had to make to date have been immediate to help us stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

We wanted to provide you all with a new update regarding the gloves, sanitising stands and social distancing processes we have rolled out as part of our health and safety measures at LaManna. We have been in discussions and reviewing our processes daily with the management team while also listening to our customer’s feedback, talking to health professionals, listening to our Victorian government updates and following WHO (World Health Organization) to make the necessary changes to protect everyone’s safety in our store.


We have now been made aware that the WHO has declared the use of gloves being no different to our hands in the spread of the virus in our retail environment, however good hand hygiene is a must to stop the spread and we are making the gloves component now voluntary to use for everyone in our store, these will still be available but not compulsory to enter.


It will be compulsory for everyone in our store however to still use our sanitising stations upon entry into LaManna. In the next few weeks you will see our new portable hand sanitising stands, we are aiming to install 5-6 of these around the store in key areas for you to use while doing your shopping. We ask that you make frequent use of these throughout your shop to ensure that we can all play a vital part in protecting the health and safety of everyone in our store.


We will be opening up more registers to assist our team members on busier shifts and get our customers through the registers faster. The team will be rolling out more 1.5m distancing rules with floor markers and communication via our team members at the registers – there will be slight changes to the way you usually would line up. We will be asking our customers to please stick to the new floor stickers and to follow direction given to them by our friendly team members for better flow of traffic while respecting the restrictions needed.

In summary, starting from tomorrow (Friday 29th May) the above changes will commence, so please be mindful of these new store updates when you are in our store next. We would like to thank everyone for their valuable feedback to help assist us further with our processes and recommend that you keep up to date with the world health organization for frequent updates here

We appreciate everyone’s due diligence with respecting the health and safety measures we have made at our store, thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We will continue to make and adapt to new changes ongoing and we will keep you all informed as we do.

Thank you,
The LaManna Family