Tuesday, 14 April 2020


Dear Customers,

We understand that the Coronavirus has definitely created a few obstacles for us all that we are yet to overcome. This can make us feel worried and negative during a time where it remains uncertain.

As an essential business needing to operate, we understand that your need to get essential shopping goods has actually turned into some much needed time for you to get out of the house. That is why we are invested in making your experience at LaManna a safe, calm and enjoyable one. The LaManna Family have worked hard together to make a lot of different changes in store to maintain the health and safety of everyone who enters our doors.

We aren’t just making these changes for safety reasons though, we are also adapting to these current circumstances to make your experience in store an enjoyable one regardless. We have been hearing your requests and wanted to announce some exiting new changes soon to arrive in our store.



We are excited to announce that we will be re-opening our doors at LaManna on Sundays moving forward, which means we will be open all week ongoing - giving you that extra day in your weekend to get your essential shopping done.

This is happening a lot sooner rather than later, so you will see the store open again as of this Sunday 19th of April from 10am-6pm. All other days will be trading as normal from 8am-6pm.



The LaManna Family want to thank you all for your valuable feedback and for all the positive encouragement we have received from everyone inclusive of our staff, customers and community. We are feeling grateful and inspired, so we have planned something special for you all to enjoy. If you’re a lover of all things food and are feeling deflated due to these current circumstances we have been working on a new solution suggested by you, for you.

Keep watching our updates here and online via social for more information throughout this week. We will be letting you all in on some sneak peeks on what will be expected to arrive in our store soon. Hint: we are giving you a well-deserved break that is going to help you and your loved ones treat yourselves. So, continue to watch this space!

Keep happy and healthy, we look forward to seeing you in store soon.
The LaManna Family